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The Agricultural Engineering Research Center (AERC) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit research organization, supervised by the Council of Agriculture since November 1989.


Since its establishment, the AERC has been paying attention to the development of agricultural engineering in Taiwan. It has assisted government and non-government organizations in policy research, promotion and application of agricultural water management, irrigation water quality, GIS for agricultural information and rural development and disaster management.


Agriculture is the foundation of our country, and engineering is the foundation of construction. Therefore, “Agricultural engineering is the foundation of national construction”. In the 1960s and the 1970s, traditional farming methods were upgraded along with the development of the national water conservancy and agricultural technology. Fundraising and sponsorships were collected and the Agriculture Engineering Research Center (AERC) was founded on the 14th of May 1970, under the approval of the Ministry Of Economic Affairs, and registered on the 16th of December 1971, at Taoyuan District Court.


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電話 : (886) (03) 452-1314
傳真 : (886) (03) 452-6583
地址 :
32061 桃園市中壢區中園路196-1號(登記地址)
32061 桃園市中壢區合江路18號(車輛人員出入正門)


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