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Agricultural irrigation water control

AERC has developed data collection and transmission over cloud technology and IoT to control irrigation water; the required level of water in the irrigation area is estimated via Remote Sensing to cut down on excessive water supply and achieve more precise water estimation.

Enhance capability of  Environmental Analysis laboratory

From enhanced environmental analysis laboratory for waterbody soil sampling and examination, to agricultural products and food examination, and even border inspection, traceability mechanisms and the agricultural product label certification establishment, the Center cares and contributes to food safety.

Expand irrigation area

1To increase irrigation coverage, water-shortage areas are developed with farm ponds, rainwater harvesting, and recycled water utilization. Conserved pipe irrigation development with central government’s “Big Barn” project: Actual status-based solutions, an increase of current pipe irrigation demo locations into zones. The goal is the optimization of government investment results and increased quality irrigation coverage.

GIS application


Regarding GIS application, the comprehensive adoption of the system application module into the local Irrigation Associations’ MIS system, public/private sections’ systems, and Production Environment Database, and the automated reporting system have been completed with an improved mobile page for GIS. In recent years, the environmental impact brought about by climate change has elevated the priority of quick surface information collection and analysis. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), popular now due to their time-efficient data collection, will be used to collect crop surveys, irrigation and disaster prevention, as well as for the later production of 3D models of the hydraulic facilities.








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